Binomial Distribution Calculator

Binomial Distribution Calculator

Description:To estimate the probability of number of success or failure in a sequence of n independent trials or experiments. The success or failure experiment which is used in this calculator is also called as Bernoulli’s experiment or distribution or trial and is the fundamental for the binomial test of statistical significance. In probability & statistics for data analysis, binomial distribution is a discrete probability function widely used method to model the number of successes and failures in n independent numbers of trials or experiments. P(x) is the probability of x successes occur in the n number of events, p is the probability of success and q is the probability of failure often denoted by q = (1 – p).


q = 1 – p

Pn(x) = c(n,x)px qn-x

= n!x! (n-x)!px qn-x


n(Number of Events) = 3,

X(Number of Success) = 1

probability, p = 0.2

Pn(x)= 3!1! (3-1)!(0.2)1(1-0.2)(3-1)

= 61(2)(0.2)(0.8)2

= 3(0.2)(0.64)

Binomial Distribution = 0.384

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