Puzzle 61

Study the Pyramid Carefully.
What are the Values of E & D?

Puzzle 60

Are you able to solve this brain teaser?

Puzzle 59

Find Fun facts, tricks, universal truths, aptitude and amazing maths jokes here

Puzzle 58

if you find it amazing share it to your Friends and maths lovers, find more on

Puzzle 57

More shortcut tricks of maths on Calculus – All in One Calculator and Converter

Puzzle 56

Which letter is odd one?

Puzzle 55

For Rs.1 You get 40 Bananas.
For Rs.3 you get 1 Mango.
For RS.5 you get 1 Apple.
Now you want to get 100 fruits for Rs.100.
So, How many Bananas, Mangoes and Apples will you buy ??

Puzzle 54

Find the missing number.

Puzzle 53

Fill the empty box with correct letter

Puzzle 52

Find the missing number of series


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